Hi there, I’m Alyssa, and my two greatest loves are food and fitness (mostly food).

I started this blog in 2012, a brand new post-grad and marathoner desperately trying to stay in shape, launch a stellar marketing career, and be a happy, social 20-something living in Boston.

Four years later – back in the ‘burbs of northern Massachusetts, in school full-time for nursing, teaching group fitness classes, and loving my new life. I’ve learned that I’m not cut out for a 9-5, that it actually is important to like your job, and that sometimes a leap of faith can put you on the path to the greatest things you’ll ever experience.

Through years of injury, I’ve also learned that there is  life beyond running. Strength training actually is important, group exercise can absolutely get you in really good shape, and food (real food) is your friend.


Looking at you guys.

I still run and I am still hungry most of the time, for the record.

Firm believer in taking chances, positive vibes, holistic health & wellness, and color-coding everything. Terrible at moderation, but trying. These are my stories about school, food, fitness, my cat, and the ups and downs of this crazy life journey.


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